The Cross-Country Race for Australian off Road Championship as it kicks-off this weekend at Broken Hill, New South Wales. The fans will be witnessing extreme and thrilling tracks and competition this weekend mixing up different racing formats more of a four-hour, motocross style event for the first time.

Daniel Milner talks on how this new event format, (much similar to Hattah Desert Race) will give excitement to other riders. “It’s basically bottomless sand. It will be dry and sandy but awesome, the creek bed is big, and it will be unreal.”

Lyndon Heffernan also talks on the course of the race. “Riders will expect a fast and flowing circuit that will get rough throughout the day and the fastest riders will face in AORC. The riders will also start off in a different format not seen at AORC in Broken Hill,” adds Heffernan. The field will line up in rows as an ATV will go past allowing each rider to take off and begin the race just like Hattah.”

Round seven is the first time a major Australian Off-Road Championship to race at Broken Hill and the first major desert race in the area.

The junior category riders will participate in an eighteen-kilometre loop in a two and a half race event. The senior category riders take on a thirty-eight-kilometre loop in a four hour race. The support class which features ‘Pony Express’ will race on a twenty-five-kilometre rout in a four hour race also.

Daniel Sanders will make a comeback to AORC after a tough fall in his EnduroGP campaign throughout the year. The E2 participant perfectly dominated this year as he’s on a great winning streak and managed a clean sweep throughout. Yamaha’s Josh Green will attempt to convey Sanders as he always fell short finishing second overall in every race.

All eyes on the defending champion after a solid performance last year, Lyndon Snodgrass as he looks to defend his title with his KTM 450EXC-F. On the other note, Daniel Milner will look to focus more on winning the first ever triple crown champion this year.

2018 AORC Points Standings after six rounds:

E1 class

  1. Luke STYKE  147
  2. Fraser HIGLETT 123
  3. Jack SIMPSON 120
  4. Jeremy CARPENTIER 94
  5. Tomas RAVENHORST 93
  6. Brad HARDAKER 87
  7. Baylee DAVIES 84
  8. Peter-Daniel ALLAN 75
  9. Nicolas TOMLINSON 70
  10. Neil COLLARD 53

E2 class

  1. Daniel SANDERS 150
  2. Joshua GREEN 128
  3. Lyndon SNODGRASS 124
  4. Stefan GRANQUIST 102
  5. Riley GRAHAM 95
  6. Matt MURRY 80
  7. Brent DEAN 41
  8. Luke BUNNIK 39
  9. Wil RUPRECHT 36
  10. Sean HOLMES 32

E3 class

  1. Daniel MILNER 150
  2. Lachlan STANFORD 123
  3. Broc GRABHAM 108
  4. Thomas MASON 96
  5. Andrew WILKSCH 95
  6. Jesse LAWTON 84
  7. Jamie ROBINS 83
  8. Stuart HOLT 69
  9. Kane HALL   68
  10. Scott KEEGAN 40

Enduro Junior

  1. Michael DRISCOLL 150
  2. Joshua BRIERLEY 126
  3. Corey HAMMOND  110
  4. Mitchell BRIERLEY  94
  5. Harrison TEED 93
  6. Lachlan ALLAN  83
  7. Riley NANCARROW  58
  8. Dalton JOHNSON 53
  9. Luke ALLAN 51
  10. Mason Semmens 44


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