The CRF450L seems perfect enough with its specs and everything a full-on enduro capable dirt bike that can be ridden on the street as well. The main target rider for this bike, according to Honda, is an off-roader who also wishes to somehow ride on a normal street or road. With a small number of accompaniments such as luggage, an even bigger tank, and possibly some wind protection, it might be a possible light ADV Machine.

The CRF450Ls little issue is about its capability to handle the rigors of long-sustained travel. To this point, the only thing that might put a constraint on riding the CRF450L is a limit weight that tips the scales a bit heavy for the class. At 289 pounds wet (the new CRF450X is 275 pounds), the CRF450L is about 34 pounds heavier compared to the KTM 500 EXC-F. Furthermore, depending on your funds, the target price of $10,399 might be a little high but it is still about $600 cheaper than the Austrian 500s of the same style. It is speculated that the bike will be available to the market by September of this year.

Here are some of the questions that were asked to Chuck Miller, the Senior Manager of Dealer and Customer Services who also had a major hand in developing this bike.

“We are so glad to see this bike. Why now versus earlier or later?”

“Five years ago I was in product planning and we knew that we wanted this machine.” Millner said.

“We knew that we had a great X platform and really we wanted an X with a plate on it. But, Honda’s standards are so different between a competition machine, a performance machine versus a street-legal machine. Street legal bikes have sound regulations and exhaust emissions, as well as certain light issues, such as a light has to go out so far. Part of it was helping the engineers understand that we really want this competition machine to just be street legal. It was difficult for Honda to understand both of those in the same bike. Because our street standards are so high for durability, so to have them understand that we want a performance machine with that same durability it has been a challenge. Over the last few years they’ve been able to overcome some of the sound and emissions issues with the performance of the machine and some of the parts they put on it.”

“For example, the case covers on this bike is actually for sound. There is a drive by test what a lot of manufacturers will do is detune the machine to be able to make that sound level. Honda came up with another way where they covered some of the parts to reduce the sound. By doing some of the things that they did, we were able to keep the performance up.”

“Dirt bike and street bike maintenance intervals are vastly different. How does this bike fit on that scale?”

“It will be a little more like a street bike actually. One thing we will be recommending on this bike is a more frequent oil change than the X and part of that is because, if someone rides it on the pavement all the time or down the freeway wide open for hours, they would need to check their oil. I think there is 1.8 quarts of oil so if you were to use some oil or it got too hot the maintenance intervals are a little sooner for sure.”

“What’s interesting is that we’ve been talking about the crossover between the L and adventure bike riding. Because this is adventure bike too, in a lot of ways. It’s just a more aggressive adventure bike. I can already see soft bags and some racks for the back, that the aftermarket will take care of and you’ll see people riding these bikes all over the country.”


CRF450L Features

  • Rear-view mirrors.
  • Lightweight lithium-ion battery with increased capacity compared to CRF450R, to power electrical components.
  • Riding time maximized by lightweight, compact LED lighting system, featuring headlight with high-intensity projection for illuminating broad area.
  • Lightweight, compact digital meter with black characters on a white liquid-crystal background is easily legible while riding.
  • Lightweight, 2.0-gallon titanium fuel tank for long range.


CRF450L Engine/Drivetrain

  • Dedicated valve timing meant for smooth power release in technical riding.
  • High crank inertia (up 12% over CRF450R) for tractable power delivery in technical terrain.12.0:1 compression ratio.
  • New piston with three-ring design.
  • 7cc Unicam engine particularly modified intended for trail-to-trail riding.
  • Finger rocker arm adds to compact layout at the same time as using keen design to achieve off-road-specific power characteristics. DLC surface treatment decreases abrasion.
  • Wide-ratio six-speed transmission is complete for a wide variety of off-road terrain or road going.
  • Electric fan and thermostat control engine temperature in brutal conditions.ECU with dedicated settings.
  • Large-capacity radiators with high heat-exchange efficiency for strong performance in demanding off-road conditions.
  • Dedicated single-muffler exhaust system provides great sound while meeting emissions requirements.
  • Noise emissions minimized via covers on the left and right crank cases.
  • Powerful AC generator for street-legal lighting.
  • Air cleaner box.
  • Special clutch design allows light lever pull. Mainly to damper mechanism with friction springs suppresses engine torque fluctuations, ensuring smooth running.

CRF450L Suspension/Chassis

  • Aluminum twin-spar frame designed for nimble-yet-stable handling on trails.
  • Front brake uses design from CRF450R, but with better fade resistance thanks to thicker discs and large-capacity reservoir.
  • Subframe designed to ensure optimum rigidity balance appropriate for carrying tools.49mm Showa fork with dedicated settings for trail-to-trail riding.
  • Shock based on that of the CRF450R but with dedicated settings and link ratio for off-road riding.
  • Easily accessible electronic component box on left side of the frame.
  • Black 7/8” Renthal handlebar with red pad.
  • Compact, lightweight handlebar switches.
  • Endless sealed chain withstands the elements.
  • In-mold graphics are resistant to peeling caused by washing or abrasion.IRC GP-21F/GP-22R tires provide great balance of on- and off-road performance.
  • Black rims for strong presence.
  • Fuel tank cap with a cut-off valve prevents fuel from flowing out of tank if the bike is on its side.LED turn signals with flexible mounts for durability.
  • Front and rear sprockets, produced in durable steel material, feature damper system for smooth, quiet running.
  • Urethane injection in swingarm to reduce road noise.


Honda CRF450L Specs


Engine:                                  Liquid-cooled 10º single-cylinder four-stroke,

Valve Train:                           Unicam® OHC, four-valve

Displacement:                      449.7cc

Bore & Stroke:                      96.0mm x 62.1mm

Transmission:                       Constant-mesh 6-speed return; manual

Clutch:                                   Multiplate wet (6 springs)

Compression Ratio:             12.0:1

Induction:                  Programmed fuel-injection system (PGM-FI); 46mm throttle bore

Ignition:                                  Full transistorized

Start:                                       Push-button electric starter

Final Drive:                           #520 sealed chain

Front Suspension:               49mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork

Rear Suspension:               Pro-Link system; fully adjustable Showa single shock

Front Brakes:                        2-piston caliper hydraulic; single 260mm disc

Rear Brakes:                         1-piston caliper hydraulic; single 240mm disc

Front Tire:                              IRC GP-21F w/ tube

Rear Tire:                               IRC GP-22R w/ tube

Rake (Caster Angle):           28°20’

Trail:                                       116mm (4.6 in.)

Length:                                  85.9 in.

Width:                                     32.6 in.

Height:                                   50.0 in.

Ground Clearance:              12.4 in.

Seat Height:                          37.1 in.

Wheelbase:                           58.9 in.

Fuel Capacity:                      2.01 US Gal.

Wet Weight:                          289 lbs.

Color:                                     Red

US Availability:                     September 2018

Pricing:                      $10,399 USD

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