Benefits of Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices

Motorcycles are a lot easier to steal than cars, thanks to their weight which falls on around only 400 pounds. They are also easier to make a profit on and do not need much effort to run off with. That is why motorcycle theft is a rampant incident – cases of this crime increasing through the years.

To avoid experiencing such misfortune, taking steps to increase the safety of the motorcycle is something motorcycle owners must do. The best step is to install anti-theft devices, ranging from locks to GPS trackers. However, what do these devices have that make them ideal safety measures against motorcycle theft?

If you want to know the benefits of motorcycle anti-theft devices, read more and find the answers here.

Harder to steal

One of the most-used and easiest anti-theft devices would be the brake disc lock and grip lock, as they do not require setting up and installation. The brake disc lock attaches to the motorcycle brake discs through the holes, preventing the bike from moving far before stopping. On the other hand, the grip lock attaches over the throttle and secures either the clutch or brake lever so the engine won’t run.

Additionally, devices that incorporate alarms are beneficial in these cases as they directly signal the people nearby that someone is trying to move the bike. With these simple devices, thieves would have a hard time stealing your motorcycle. They would need to resort to extreme means or just leave empty-handed.

It stops thieves

Thieves find things that are easy to steal since they do not want to risk getting caught most of the time. Seeing a heavily-protected motorcycle would often discourage them from trying to get it out of its restraints.

Anti-theft devices do not only act as obstacles that would make it harder for thieves to rob your bike. They can also demoralize the robbers and lead them to think that trying to take away your motorcycle would be pointless.

You will be alarmed

An alarm system is usually triggered if it detects motion, the motor is started without a key, or a remote key does not unlock it. Motorcycles do not come with alarm systems for protection, depending on the alarm you install. Like in cars, it is beneficial as you and the people near your motorcycle will be alarmed by a theft taking place in the area.

Whether it be set off accidentally or not, the owner will know that something or someone came in harsh contact with the motorcycle. You can explore different alarm systems to determine which would come in handy for you.

You will know its whereabouts

The owner will immediately know the whereabouts of a motorcycle with installed GPS trackers by checking the app. GPS trackers will prove convenient, especially when you experience being the victim of an unfortunate event of motorcycle stealing. It will not be hard to track down your bike and retrieve it since you have direct access to its location.

Moreover, you can also opt to use a GPS tracker alarm system in which the motorcycle’s position is the one that detonates the alarm. If the bike’s location changes, it will immediately notify the owner through the phone.

Why use motorcycle anti-theft devices?

Despite thinking that your motorcycle is secure even without these devices, remember that there is nothing more alluring than a bike bare of any protection for motorcycle thieves. They would think that it is easier to steal, therefore proceeding to do the task they might even accomplish considering the lack of additional defense, especially if your place is not secured.

However, investing in anti-theft devices will not only directly prevent them from taking your motorcycle because of measures that would make it harder for them but also because it will discourage them even before they act. There is nothing too safe from thieves, so it is better to safeguard your motorcycle as much as possible.

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