Ice Bear Maddog 150 – Reviewing the 150CC Scooter

Ice bear maddog 150
Ice bear maddog 150

Ice Bear Maddog 150 – There are several models of Ice Bear Maddog to consider, and one of them is the 150CC Scooter model. This scooter model is a 3-wheeled scooter made in 2021. As a fairly new model, there are not many notable features on this scooter on the customer side. However, there are plenty of details you can note on this model. One thing you should know about this scooter model is that it is completely street legal in 49 States except for California. It also looks like the Honda Ruckus. If you’re looking for an affordable scooter with good speed, consider this model. Otherwise, you can check out its model details and see if it fits your needs.

General Information and Specs for the Ice Bear Maddog 150

A general description of this scooter model would be a 3-wheel frame body with bright lights and upgraded wheels. With its 150CC engine, it is great for comfortable traveling. Another reason for this is that the model is fully automatic and has no stalling. Don’t worry about safety, because the scooter has Hydraulic ABS front and rear discs that provide quick and safe breaks. Basically, you don’t have to worry about revving this scooter model, and can comfortably travel at a speed of 55 to 60 mph. It also has an 85-90 MPG capability so you can travel fairly far with this scooter. Aside from all this, the scooter has its share of notable features/specs.

On the technical side of things, the Icebear Maddog 150CC Scooter has a GY6 150cc air-cooled engine and a CVT Automatic Transmission. It has a fully automatic transmission and backup pull-start, so those used to working with electric scooters can be at ease with this model. Design-wise, the scooter has a 12″ aluminum rim up front and a wide chopper-style tire for the rear. In addition to all this, the scooter has a high-performance exhaust and reinforced shocks. As an electric scooter, there are plenty of reliable features with the Icebear Maddog 150, but like any other model, it has its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the Icebear Maddog 150 CC Scooter

Every scooter model has its share of pros and cons and the Icebear Maddog 150CC Scooter is no different. As a fairly new model, there isn’t much to say against the scooter, but it’s not a fit for everyone. If you want to know whether this scooter is what you’re looking for, these are some general benefits and pitfalls to consider:


  • The scooter is 100% street legal in 49 States except for California/100% DOT approved
  • It has an automatic start-up and front and rear discs for easy brakes.
  • The scooter can go as high as 60 mph with a 1.2 gallon Fuel Cap
  • It is affordable
  • It has comfortable seating


  • If you are unfamiliar with electric scooters, it can be a process to work with this model.
  • There is a max weight of 350 lbs.
  • Tire selections may be limited as the standard for this model is 120/70 Front and 205/30 Rear
  • There isn’t much customization you can do with this model


The Ice Bear Maddog 150 is a fairly comfortable model to use for scooter enthusiasts. With a fully electronic system, you can easily start up this model without worrying about safety measures. There are also comfortable features with the scooter and fairly long mileage. Overall, the IceBear Maddog 150CC Scooter is easy to work with unless you’re not familiar with electric vehicles. If you’re looking for a comfortable scooter with good mileage and reliable features, this model is what you need.

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