Best Dirt Bike Grips Options and What to Know

best dirt bike grips
best dirt bike grips

Best Dirt Bike Grips Options – A dirt bike grip has a variety of options like any other dirt bike feature. When it comes to choosing the best option for your dirt bike there are specific factors. Knowing the best dirt bike grips means more than understanding the grip varieties and good grips in the market. If you are someone who is interested in dirt bike riding, it is always important to fully understand each part of your bike and how you can take care/improve it. For example, do you know that a standard dirt bike uses 7/8-inch handle-bars?

Types of Grips

If you want to get a further understanding of bike grips, you should know that there are two types and they are as follows:

Regular Dirt Bike Grips – This grip type refers to rubber tubes that go over the handlebar, providing a tacky surface for the rider to grasp. Because of the rubber material, it helps reduce the vibrations that a running bike sends into the rider’s hands. The downside of this grip type is that it doesn’t last long and can wear out from use and age. When this happens, it can lead to a rider’s hands slipping, which is highly dangerous. The moment you see wear on the grip, you need to replace it.

Lock-On Dirt Bike Grips – Compared to regular dirt bike grips, this grip type is easier to remove and install. They consist of a plastic sleeve, around which a rubber grip is molded into place. The plastic tube slides over the bar. Another point of difference with this grip is that it has clamps located on the flanges on the grips’ inward side. Once the clamp is tightened, the grip is locked into place.

Best Dirt Bike Grips Options in the Market

Many grips can be considered the best in the market, but if you want to narrow things down, here are some specific grips to consider:

Torc1 Racing – Kevtek Enduro Grips – These grips have raised, squared-off knobs, similar in look and feel to the venerable ProTaper Pillow Top. Because of it’s dual compound design, it absorbs engine vibrations and the shock of impacts so that your hands don’t have to. The result is a grip that reduces arm pump and hand fatigue, making them perfect for those long and arduous enduro races. While it is long lasting and comes with different benefits, the included grip glue can deteriorate inner grip in extreme heat or cold.

ODI EMIG V2 Lock-On Grips – This is a long-lasting, comfortable and easy to replace grip. It incorporates a waffle diamond base with a medium-density half-waffle overlay. The waffle pattern stops where the thumb grasps the grip. What makes this great is that it provides relief from blisters. In addition, as a lock-on type, there is no need for safety wire and an little fuss during installation. The downside of this grip option is that it is not the softest compound on the market and can end up uncomfortable over time.

KTM Dual Compound Dirt Bike Grips The KTM grip is great for 22-28 mm handlebars. It also offers a slim grip with a great cushion. It is thinner than other grips and ideal for small hands. Additionally, they work well to protect your hands and arms from vibrations and arm-pump. Generally, this grip option is something that works for a specific group of riders. However, it is still a top option to consider when exploring your ideal grip.

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