Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication Systems

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication Systems
Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication Systems

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication Systems – When you’re riding on the bike, trying to communicate with someone while traveling is not easy. It can be dangerous to take out a phone while you are riding. That’s why it’s important that you have a convenient communication system set up. To determine the best system that fits you, there are different factors to consider. These factors include brands of radios, signal strength limitations, terrain interference, and more.

Options for the Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication Systems

While there is a list of options that can meet different personal factors, it helps to know what the best products are available for purchase. These are just some of the best options for a communication system in your helmet.

Cardo Freecom 4 Plus Helmet Communication System – A good communication system is something that’ll make talking on the road easier. A notable feature of this system is that it has perfect noise cancellation. It also allows up to four riders to communicate in a conference setting across a distance of up to 1.2 kilometers and has a universal pairing feature. Aside from this, the audio and mic quality are pretty good. The only downside of this feature is that it does not have voice control.

Sena Headset 20S EVO Helmet Communication System – Why should someone have this feature? For one, it has the capacity to listen to two Bluetooth sources at the same time. This system also has a nine-way intercom system and a handy button during riding. Basically, this is one of the top options for convenience. Unfortunately, this system has a limited communication range and you may need to reconnect manually when you get too far away from the range.

Freecom 1 Plus 2-Way Bluetooth Headset – If you are someone who likes to go on long rides by yourself or doesn’t take a lot of passengers, this is a good item to consider. Some of the features of this headset include immersive sound via small 40mm speakers with a sophisticated processor, Audio Sharing, and Automatic volume. It’s easy to operate and simple to install. However, it can be a loose feature, so make sure you have a proper fit before considering installing the headset.

LEXIN 1pcs B4FM Helmet Bluetooth Intercom – Are you looking for more affordable options? This intercom is an ideal option to consider. A few perks you can enjoy with this intercom include a Lithium-Ion battery that takes 3–5 hours to recharge easily, interchangeable microphones, and innovative noise-cancellation technology. Basically, it offers many of the same capabilities as higher-end devices for a fraction of the cost. The only downside of this intercom is that the plug is not that great.

Geva BT V5.0 Bluetooth Helmet Communication System – While this is one of the better systems to have installed in your helmet, there are some things to look out for. The only thing you need to make sure of with this system is that it’s properly installed and fits well. It only needs 2-3 hours of charging and has a design that ensures comfort and safety. Tech-wise it has automatic and manual answering modes, Intelligent Noise Reduction, and a Voice Assistant System. If there is any con to note with this system, it’s that it has a slight zero bass.


There are several options that can be considered as the Best Dirt Bike Helmet Communication Systems, depending on what you’re looking for. From innovative noise cancellers to a comfortable headset design, there are different things that make a communication system stand out. The important thing is that you understand there are different factors to consider in choosing a system. Plus a list of pros and cons that come with each product.

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