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Dirt Bike Gloves. With your hands being one of the three areas of your body that is constantly in contact with your bike, it should be one of the areas that you protect the most. Purchasing dirt bike gloves is one of the most important pieces of your kit you have to buy, to ensure that your hands are kept in good riding condition. We have created a guide on the best dirt bike gloves to buy, how to clean them, and further steps you can take to ensure you do not get blisters whilst riding.

dirt bike gloves

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Gloves?

With a large variety on the market, it can be daunting to know which are the best. Most consider the Fox Racing gloves to be the best on the market. Although they are more expensive than their competitors. The Men’s Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves have been a favorite for bikers for multiple years. They feature compression molding technology to ensure a tight fit, as well as additional padding to ensure safety.

If you are looking for a pair of good-quality dirt bike gloves for your child to wear, the Fox Clothing Dirtpaw Youth Gloves are the best to buy. These gloves have extra padding to allow for maximum protection to children’s palms. Whilst also containing lycra to ensure maximum mobility.

What Should I Look For In A Dirt Bike Glove?

The four numbers of preventative measures you can take to not get blisters are:

  1. Purchasing good quality, form-fitting pair of gloves.
  2. Purchasing palm protectors is a further level of protection you can take to safeguard against blisters. Before putting on your gloves, make sure that your hands are completely dry.
  3. Applying baby powder or tape to your hands will reduce any friction you will experience whilst riding.
  4. Finally, make sure that you do not grip the handlebars too tightly. This will also reduce the amount of friction your hands experience whilst riding motocross.

Click on the video below to see how to ride and avoid blisters:

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the most inexpensive elements of your kit will be your gloves. Usually averaging between $15 to $60 for a pair of adult ones, and for children being as affordable as $10. You will be able to purchase yourself or your child that is within your budget.

Can You Wash Dirt Bike Gloves?

You can simply add your gloves to your washing machine on a cold wash and a gentle cycle. Before putting them into the washing machine, make sure that you have closed any velcro openings. This just ensures that the velcro does not get caught on any other garments in the wash and that they will not get damaged.

It is important to note that most riders opt to allow their gloves to air dry rather than putting them into a tumble dryer. This will minimize the risk of the gloves being shrunk in the dryer, or receiving any heat-related damage to the material.

dirt bike gloves wash

In Conclusion

We hope we have helped you find the best gloves for you and informed you on how to clean them. Remember to purchase a pair of dirt bike gloves either for yourself or your child to ensure that neither of you gets blisters and your hands stay in a good riding condition.

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