Honda Pioneer 700-4 Windshield: Understanding its Benefits

Honda Pioneer 700-4 Windshield

Honda Pioneer 700-4 Windshield – The Honda Pioneer 700-4 has its share of features that make it a quality vehicle. However, a vehicle’s technical parts are not the only thing that makes it a quality choice. Something as simple as mirrors and windows can say much about a car. Especially for a UTV that faces all kinds of elements. A quality windshield is highly beneficial among the different features that can help a UTV like the Honda Pioneer 700-4. There isn’t much difference with this windshield compared to previous models, but it does have its share of features to know about. By knowing about the different features and details behind this feature, the more you’ll know how to take care of it.

What to Know About the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Windshield

A windshield may seem simple at first glance but there are more features to it than you think. With the 700-4 windshield there are plenty of features that make it convenient for a UTV. One difference that this windshield has in comparison to older models is that it has a flip feature. What this means is that you can flip a portion of the windshield to help deal with different weather conditions. It is especially convenient since you can adjust it from your seat. In addition to having a convenient flip feature, the windshield has a foam gasket and bulb seal that keep it snug and rattle-free. There are also powerful gas struts and a secure latch to help keep it in the position you put it in.

The convenience and parts of the feature are not the only things that make it great. Like any other car part, the materials that make up the feature can say a lot about its quality and durability.

Materials that Make Up a Quality Windshield

If you want to have a quality windshield, you’ll want to make sure it has quality materials. Instead of glass, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Windshield is made with a material that’s hundreds of times stronger and it is polycarbonate. Compared to glass, polycarbonate can withstand branches, rocks, and rooster tails, to name a few. To make the material even stronger against the elements, an XR Optic scratch-resistant hard coating is applied. Not only do you get a scratch and UV-resistant windshield, but you can also avoid streak messes caused by going through bushes and splashes of mud. If you happen to have an old Honda Pioneer Model, the windshield is able to fit a 700 model. Overall, the windshield is convenient and easy to work with but there are still things to look out for.


Knowing about the different features of a UTV windshield may not seem like much but it does help give an idea of the quality of the vehicle. By having a polycarbonate windshield with XR Optic scratch-resistant hard coating, you can be assured of high durability. As convenient and durable as the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Windshield, however, it is good to check out maintenance requirements lest something like the coating gets affected. To conclude, it can help to know your car features to determine how great it is for the car model.

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