The British Extreme Enduro Championship went off as crowd favourite, Jonny Walker, won it all throughout the course. Joe Wotton finished second and Hamish MacDonald completes the podium as he finished third.


The weather conditions lived up the hype and intensity to the riders as the final round kicks off.  The Fast Eddy Racing course proved a demanding one to riders. Joe Wotton surpassed all the expectations as the Championship Class improves his winning record. Jonny Walker took the second place to ensure the title for British Extreme Enduro Championship 2018.

.Jonny Walker said: “It is a real bonus to my season. I knew I had to finish third to win the title and become a British Extreme Champion. The feeling is great. I wasn’t initially preparing on doing the series and missed the first round but when I saw that Billy [Bolt] and Graham [Jarvis] were doing it, I thought I had to do it as well.”

“It’s nice to come home and race in Britain because I don’t get chance to do it enough ,I won the first round then got two second places, won another and then a second today so it’s been consistent.” Jonny Walker said after the podium.

Walker stated that he gives his all out for a possible best shot in the competition. Walker said: “It was real fast today and I basically came prepared for a bit more extreme race with super-soft tyres and mousses. It was faster than that today, the tyres were rolling everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I was trying and I gave it my best shot. This is the first round where I have been on a 300 EXC TPI. I’m racing in the WESS series. Basically at the start of the year we bought our own bike, a 250F, from Eurotek KTM and they have helped me to be able to do this series so a big thanks to them.”

After finishing third in the EnduroGP, Joe Wotton finds it more extreme and faster than usual courses he used to track. Joe Wootton said: “Win? Going for it! I really didn’t expect it at all. I only live just down the road and thought I’d give it a shot. Jonny Walker looks like is always in front of me for a lap. Following him was an education really. He was smooth and would gain pounds on me where I was just striking stuff hard like an enduro rider! When Walker pitted first, I thought this is my one chance to make a gap, one lap just go for it and it worked.  I think he had a slow pit and I opened a gap but it helped that the track was fast and dusty because it suited the 350 four stroke. Overall though I really enjoyed it.”

Completing the Championship class podium, Hamish Macdonald finished third mixing up his campaign with epic performance. James Dent finished fourth, Jordan Scott finished fifth and Paul Bolton, completing the race in an off-night fashion, finished sixth.

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