As of the present year, the KTM Motors is still on the epitome and continues to be the biggest selling enduro motorcycle manufacturer. The Australian manufacturer has always been ahead on improving their bikes which includes some changes for each and every one of the models of 2017.

They marked a new era previous to the world’s first serial-production, fuel-injection two-stroke off-road competition machines the KTM 250 and 300 EXC TPI models changed the game for MY18. For this year in 2019, it is expected that the KTM will have their changes as minimal as possible but will still have great impact on the performance and its progression. It demonstrates also that KTM is taking improvement ahead through R&D and race team input in addition they are also using feedbacks from their costumers in order to improve the performance as well as consistency. Also, there will be a continual dedication to the 125 and 150 XC-W models.

Some of the highlights of the 2019 EXC model are its improved settings on the standard WP Xlpor forks and shock, stronger battery performance, new graphics, new seat design and Factory-look orange frame.


The brand new WP Xplor 48mm fork settings resting on the 2019 model will be somewhat inflexible in order to help out in lessening out underneath hard compression as well as assist the wheel to have an improved contact with the ground leading to rebound. A change in the WP Xplor PDS shock absorber is also imparted in this year’s new model as the reworking centers on the main shock piston design designated to be stiffer and match the new front suspension setting.

Outside appearance captures the eye of the rider and the fans as well, that is why the new 2019 model has a new graphics kit and particularly the orange side panels. The biggest alteration however is the orange frame, imitating the factory race bikes. In addition to the new design is the all-new look Six Days model across the EXC range through the ISDE Chile graphics. The new seat has now strips or blocks from corner to corner of rear to support the grasp during wet or muddy circumstances.


Additional power, a narrower engine as well as a new clutch are the things to see of the 125 and 150 two-strokes which are still carbureted although very much part of the KTM enduro line-up. Installed with a stronger battery of a lithium ion battery with an electrical capacity of 2 Ah, which includes all the models apart from the 125 which has no e-start. This was made to progress the power and also the consistency when riding in hard terrains and conditions. This includes the 150 XC-W models.

“The last two years have been incredibly exciting for our Enduro machine development here at KTM,”

“A brand new ground-breaking generation for model year 2017 that had been re-designed from the ground up, followed by a world first for model year 2018 thanks to the serial-production fuel-injection two-stroke off-road competition models with the KTM 250 EXC TPI and KTM 300 EXC TPI; it’s been an incredibly fast-moving but fruitful few years. Model year 2019 sees some key adjustments across all models, along with more in-depth refinements for our KTM 125 XC-W and KTM 150 XC-W machines. As we step into a new era of enduro as a whole, we are looking forward to the latest KTM EXC models reaching dealer floor.” told by Joachim Sauer, the KTM Senior Product Manager Offroad.


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