For some riders, the heat really zaps their strength thus resulting in poor performance. So here are some tips on how to beat the heat when riding:

  1. Fill your hydration bladder only halfway through the night before you ride. Put it in the freezer and before you leave the next today, top it off with water and stow it in your cooler. The ice will keep your water cold and will make more cold water as it melts on the ride. Just make sure to orient the bladder so that the suction hose doesn’t freeze shut.
  1. Between motos for MX or when you come back for lunch on the trail, take those boots off!
  1. Foods with a high water content that also become cold when stored in your cooler are the best foods to eat. Melons are a perfect example, but fruits like oranges & peaches are also good examples.
  1. When taking a break, drape a damp towel. Keep those towels in your cooler. The carotid artery runs down the side of your neck, so cooling the blood in this area goes a long way toward helping your entire body cool down a bit faster.
  1. Sip water all day long rather than gulp massive amounts a fewer number of times. Keep hydrated.
  1. You’re better off sitting in the shade outside and using a fan to cool you down. Large temperature differentials can shock the system, so you’re better off allowing your body to acclimatize outside.
  1. Use frozen water bottles instead of using ice in your cooler. The bottles will keep the rest of your stuff cool, and won’t fill your cooler with water as they melt down.
  1. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. Plain water won’t replace them, so choose a low-sugar, quality sports drink or water additive that will replace them. Stay away from diuretics such as soda and coffee.
  1. Most of the top apparel manufacturers make good vented gear, including Thor Core, Moose Sahara, & Klim Mojave. These products are designed to aid cooling. There are also a number of well-vented helmets, the Klim F4 being the most focused on heat reduction.
  1. The back of your neck is especially vulnerable. So don’t forget to use sunscreen.

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