Sex before an important race – good or bad idea?

How will sex affect your racing?

You’ve problaby pondered about it before. It’s the night before an important race, and you and your partner wants to have sex. But how will this effect you performance in the race tomorrow? Will you be exausted because of the physical activity? Or will you be more prepared than ever because of endorfines or something else?

In this article, we take a closer look on wheter sex is a go or a no-go before an important race.

Possible benefits of having sex before the race

Yes, that’s correct. If you feel like having a good time with you partner, your rabbit vibrators or something similar the night before a race, there actually some possible benefits from that. First of all, you probably already know that sex is healthy, and furthermore, it affects your mental health in a possitive way. Put in another way – you’ll be more happy and relaxed from having sex the night before, and that could be helpful when going to a race.

Possible setbacks

As you’ve probably guessed already, there might also be some setbacks from having sex the night before. One of those possible setbacks could be that you’re using a lot of energy, and won’t be fully rested before the race begins. Another theory is that testosterone could leave your body while having sex, meaning that you would not be as competitve – at least if you believe that a higher testosterone level increases your performance on the race course.

What does science say?

As you can read from the above, there’s both possible benefits and setbacks from having sex the night before an important race. But what does science have to say?

Well, not much to be honest. Most studies shows either a small or no difference between having sex or not the day before a sports event. And somehow, that’s quite reassurring, because that means that you – and your partner – can decide whether you want to have sex or not without having to think about the important race ahead.

Also, science is one thing, but experience is something quite different. Why not try it out and see if it works for you? If you feel like your racing improves – or if you feel no difference at all – why bother thinking about whether you should do it or not? After all, it’s your body – and your body knows best.

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