An unexpected event lead to the Rider Toni Bou being out for no less than 3 weeks following the accident that resulted in him breaking three vertebrae at Le Mans X-Trial. The victor of the multiple indoor and outdoor trial knock down backwards off an obstruction within the Le Mans X-Trial and landed on a square-edge. The incident resulted in fractured vertebrae and will be a major setback for the Repsol Honda rider.

After the said accident, Bou was immediately withdrawn from the race and not for very long, he was taken to the hospital for an examination. Subsequent to medical tests performed by the team doctor Joaquim Terricabras at the Consell Català de L’Esport and the Creu Blanca Clinic of Barcelona, it was found out that Bou has suffered a rupture of the right apophysis transverse of the lumbar vertebrae L2-L3-L4.

All the sporting activities and actions of Bou was prohibited by Dr. Terricabras because of the possible complications of his injury. Depending on the progress of his injury, it will also dictate on when he will be able to continue on his riding events.

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