Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review: Looking into a Light Model

Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review
Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review

Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review – The Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review is a lightweight and dirable dirtbike that generally falls under the beginner’s category. Like any other dirt bike, it has its pros and cons that make it stand out. It is one of the older bikes in the series as it had initally released in 2000. It is a great bike for young riders but can also be used by adults looking for a casual bike. When comparing this bike to other models, you’ll find that it was made to rival Honda XR100. Generally, the TTR125LE model is an easy to ride vehicle with low-maintenance. At one point, it was one of four models for the TTR125 series. Now, only the TTR125LE remains, what makes it different?

What to Know About the Yamaha TTR125LE

The first thing to know about this bike, is that it has features that make it convenient for a new rider. Some of these features include a lightweight construction and predictable power delivery. As a bike that’s designed for beginners, there are plenty of features that make this a comfortable model. Here are some things to know about those features:

Engine – Engine-wise, the bike consists of a potent, air-cooled, 124 cc, SOHC, 2 valve, 4-stroke feature. While it may be ideal for a range of conditions, it’s the mostly the best model for novices. Basically, it is a type of engine that’s good for a learning curve and not for high speeds. Especially since it has a push-button electric starting with a manual kick starter.

Wheels and Seating – The dirt is generally suited for riders that’s under 5’6″ in height. It has a height of 31.7″ seat with wheels and tires on the larger side at 19/16″. If you want to try jumping with a dirt bike, this is not the model to try it. You’ll want to make sure the bike is the right size for you lest you end up with an uncomfortable ride.

Chasis/Suspension – The dirt bike features a highly durable design with a rugged, diamond-type steel frame. Given that it is made with a lightweight, aluminum, box-section swingarm, you can be assured of adjustable features and great traction. A downside of this feature is that over 150lbs, then you’ll probably want stiffer suspension.

Additional Features – There are several features that make this model a convenient and comfortabl bike. There are also side features that make it all tie together. These include a convenient handlebar-mounted choke. Plus folding foot rests to resist damage in the event of a tip-over. Any novice will find plenty of ease.

Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review: The Pros and Cons

If you are not overly familiar with the technical terms of a dirt bike’s features, it can help to know the model’s pros and cons. With a Yamaha TTR125LE, here are some benefits and pitfulls to know:


  • Adjustable and comfortable features
  • Smooth Engine
  • Ease in controls


  • Slow start
  • Weak to harsher temperatures
  • Fitting for specific heights and weights

Yamaha TTR125LE Dirt Bike Review: Conclusion

The Yamaha TTR125LE model is one of many beginner models you can choose from. It is an ideal choice if you want to ease into higher speed bikes but is also great for casual riding. It may not be the most durable of models at times but it offers plenty of convenience with different features. If you want to have a bike that can introduce you to the world of dirt bikes, this is one option to consider.

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