Chrish Birch To Race Redbull Romaniacs on a KTM Adventure bike 1090!

As crazy as it sounds, but yes, Chris Birch is going to race Redbull Romaniacs on July on a KTM 1090! Yes a 1090!

He posted a message on his facebook account.

He plans to ride it together with American Baja rider Quinn Cod in the 14th edition of Redbull Romaniacs in July.

Redbull Romaniacs, a very tough race even to the toughest riders in the planet, is set to be tackled with one of most powerful bike of KTM, though, of course, it is also one of the heaviest.

KTM 1090 and adventure bike known for its power. With 1090cc power and bike weight of 228Kg it is one convenient adventure bike. However, to try and race this bike in an enduro race raises too many questions, one of them is the questions of Chris Birch’s sanity. The design of the 1090 Adventure bike is to tackle different types of terrain but with less convenience in handling than of a dirtbike.

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This makes the situation very interesting. If ever Chris Birch finish the race, he will make a mark in the history of Romaniacs. Do you think he can finish the race? Let us know in the comments!

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