Another victory was in stored for Cody Webb as he survived and triumphed over the other riders and several crashes of the SuperEnduro battle held at Malaga. Webb described the race as “a little crazy out there”. Well, it wouldn’t be an exhilarating battle without a little bit of surprise and craziness. This certainly had the fans and spectators feel the adrenaline rush as well.

Even though Webb won the championship crown in Malaga, he had some minor problems that quite hindered his eminent win. Also, there were some close calls and mishaps but at the end, he still managed to overturn these unfortunate circumstances and was able to finish the race in spectacle. “I finished the final race with a hole in my radiator, my bars were completely bent and I had half a grip missing on the throttle side, but I still managed to do enough to get the overall win. It was a crazy night, that’s for sure, but I never gave up, and it feels great to have won.” told Webb.

During the race one, the one that first lead the pack of riders was Billy Bolt. Right behind him were a bunch of great riders including a trio of KTMs. But Bolt’s luck seemed to ran out as he made a mistake paving an opening to Webb, Walker and Blazusiak who took turns on the lead using some forceful overtakes. For the entirety of the 11 lap of the race, the spectators saw a seemingly unending swapping of leading spot, proving the strong intention of each rider to grab the first place. During this time, there were several crashes that were observed. Walker was the one to cross the finish line first followed by Webb and Blazusiak.

For the second race of the night,it was smoother compared to the previous race until Blazusiak had a crash and went under the stands, but thankfully, he had no serious injuries but was still taken away from the field. After Blazusiak’s departure, Webb and Walker were the ones keeping the thrill on as they kept on switching places for the lead spot. Not long enough, Haaker also joined the fray. At the end, Webb made it to the finish line first followed by Haaker and Bolt made it through the third place by taking advantage of Walker’s slip-up.

Taddy Blazusiak returned with a vengeance and won the third race. But during the first turn he had amajor crash which occupied half of the field. After the dust has been settled, it was Webb and Haaker that were affected greatly and was at the last spot. Walker had a little better situation than them. Blazusiak revved up and focused on the finish line but right behind him was the Husky boys Bolt and Alfredo Gomez which added a little difficulty on Taddy’s side. Finishing in first place was Blazusiak followed by Gomez who played it safetly and steadily to avoid crashing and Bolt finished in third.

Halfway through the event, Cody Webb leads the current overall tally points at 155 points, followed by Blazusiak with 131 pionts. Tight race on points is also in stored for Billy Bolt with 124 pionts – also considered to be the rookie of the year. Colton Haaker had 114 points and Johnny Walker ties with Alfredo Gomez with 105 points.

In the 2018 Junior class, Kevin Gallas always tops the charts and the races. He clearly had the ability and skills to win the title.  During the race one, he roared and stadily raced through gaining the lead and the first place. For the period of race two, he took his time and made his way ahead and in the third race, he then again went all out and took control of the entire race. he is still the leading rider at the moment with a total points of 156. Emil Juszczak finished second overall in Malaga and Will Hoare finished third.

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