Kailub Russell pilots the 2018 Grand National Cross Country


Looking forward for his fourth consecutive win in GNCC 2018 this coming weekend, Kailub Russell is pumped to hit the track at Steele Creake. Meanwhile, his close rival Thad Duvall also aims for the championship title. The fourth round of the said event will head to Morganton, North Carolina of the 13-race championship series.

In the XC1 Pro Class, Kailub Russell enters the battle with an impressive three wins consecutively although having those straight wins didn’t come as easy as said with Thad Duvall right behind him and eager to take over his spot. Coming into the fourth round with just 19 points behind Russell, Duvall clearly has the capability to take the first spot. He is looking forward on winning his first round win this weekend as he had been finishing in second place since the opening round at the back of Russell. Presently at the third spot in the championship points is Steward Baylor. Following charging all the way through the pack in Georgia, Baylor is hoping to get an improved launch this approaching weekend to be in the mix at the flag.


Trevor Bollinger, a Morganton-native had a steady pace all throughout the 2018 season completing the race fourth in XC1 at the first three events. Competing in his home territory, he will be a contender worth keeping an eye on. Josh Strang earned the $250 All Balls Racing holeshot award during the opening round. This coming weekend, he will be looking forward for a win on the podium and possibly his first triumph from the time when the 2016 Tomahawk GNCC. Looking for a chance of redemption this weekend, Ricky Russell will try to pick up the pace as he had a mechanical issue with his radiator before that lead to him being incapable to complete the race.

Leading the pack in the XC2 250 Pro class is Ben Kelly with a two-consecutive wins at the first three rounds. Right behind him is Pascal Rauchenecker who has finished on top of the podium during the first three rounds. Josh Toth prevails at round one, and after that clashed all the way through Florida sand to finish second at second round. Toth had some hard luck within Georgia, including his hand which tangled in a vine splitting it backwards; this resulted in him being incapable to continue. Craig Delong is at present in fourth place at the same time as Liam Draper completes the top five in the XC2 250 Pro division heading into this weekend.

For the XC3 125 Pro-Am class, there had been three diverse victors in its three events. Alex Teagarden had the win during the first round, although he experienced a number of inopportune luck since Jesse Ansley achieved the second triumph during the round held in his home state of Florida along with currently siting in third spot. Cody Barnes grabbed the win at the third round and is second in points. Consistency is given to Jason Raines as he presently holds a six-point championship points lead, even though he has yet to take home a win in the said class.

Sunday’s race schedule is in this manner: Youth bike racing will commence at 8 a.m., followed by amateurs and women at 10 a.m., and the pros and top amateurs at 1 p.m.


Tune in to RacerTV.com on Sunday at 1 p.m. EST to catch LIVE streaming of the Pro bike race. For more information on GNCC LIVE coverage, visit www.racertv.com. A highlight show featuring the event will air on NBC Sports Network on Saturday, May 26 at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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