This year’s Hell’s Gate had been as outstanding just like the previous years as this year’s event had been jam-packed with thrill and action. Taking home the crown was the Sherco rider Mario Roman as he showcased his skill and expertise and also setting a sturdy pace and taking the front during the closing lap of the most important race in the afternoon. Right behind Roman in the overall results are Graham Jarvis and Travis Teasdale in second and third respectively.

With his maiden triumph, Roman enthusiastically shared his thoughts in an interview, “I feel so happy and so proud of myself for this win. I start my career here, it was almost one of my first extreme races when it was very hard.”

“I think it was only two hours in this afternoon. I passed Wade and Graham in the last lap but I think if it would be longer I could have made a better gap.”

“I started super-fast in the SuperEnduro (evening race). With it being just twenty minutes it was so important to be fast and push hard from the beginning and make no mistakes. Finally I get the win in Hell’s Gate in my fourth attempt!”

A very solid performance of Jarvis had also helped him to reach the second spot of the podium. The Italian rider had won the said event for 5 times already. “It’s been a tough day but second in the end was ok. It was pretty close and it all came down to the last twenty minutes race-off. The bike was feeling good and I enjoyed the race.” told Jarvis.

Travis Teasdale had a rather tough weekend but despite of these circumstances he still revved and put his game face on the final day. His efforts were well spared as he managed to grab the third spot in the overall ranking which was a close race as well. “The main race was pretty tough – there was a riverbed section that was very tough each lap. I’m very happy with my overall performance especially this morning races.”

Here are some “FAST FACTS” about the 2018 Hell’s Gate

  • For the past four years, Mario Roman had obtained the 3 spot of the podium and with the exception of this year’s win; his best win outcome was on 2015 placing in second place.
  • One of Roman’s very first Hard Enduro Races was Hell’s Gate during 2015.
  • Mario’s on a winning line in 2018 following the success within Ales Tram in January.
  • This year’s Hell’s Gate is the eight time for Jarvis.
  • Jarvis won for 5 times already.
  • The top 4 riders were in very close competition during the 2 hour afternoon race.
  • The final lap was the only time Mario did took over the lead.
  • Bike troubles were the main issues for Wade Young during the race which cost him the top spots.
  • To decide the winner for the SuperEnduro evening race, a new format of 20-minutes was introduced.

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