Top 5 of the Best Beginner Dirt Bikes

Dirt biking is a terrifying sport, and it’s easy to be fascinated by the jumps, twists, and spins that expert riders perform with their bikes. Even the most well-known motocross riders began on scaled-down replicas while they perfected their talents on the course.

The most common dirt-bike starting versions are 125cc and 150cc, however a 250cc dirt bike is also very popular in the sport. In the following, we will mention the top five ideal dirt bikes for newbies:

  1. Honda CRF250X – 249cc

The Honda CRF250X combines a classic and modern style with the potential to provide a highly-efficient dirt bike. The motor is a 249cc with a liquidential cooled motor. This four-stroke single engine produces roughly 28 HP at 12,000 RPM. It also has a five-speed transmission, with a light-operated cable clutch. Although more producers shift into electronic fueling, Honda retains the ‘’Keihin’’ 37mm flat-side carburetor. This occurrence may have its advantages, but it cannot compare to an old fashioned carburetor’s authenticity and reliability.

  1. KTM 150SX – 149cc

KTM is one of the very few producers for making a motocross motorcycle with a two-stroke 150cc engine. It is as light as a feather and has a higher torque and power ratio than a 125cc. A 2009 version will normally sell around 2K GBP, while a newer one might cost around 6K. This bike is also very popular in the motorsport industry, obviously because of its beneficial alterations. This sport is very dangerous and can be highly competitive, mostly through online betting on sites such as Unibet live motorsport.

  1. Yamaha YZ125 – 124cc

The Yamaha YZ125 is more than 40 years old, yet it is not antiquated at all. It is one of the few Japanese 125cc in production, and since it was first shown in 1974, various modifications have been added. This motorbike comes with a 124 cc liquid-cooled motor. The gear ratios are tuned to output maximum performance to the motor.  It also includes a six-speed manual transmission. The engine has a capacity of 35 HP and while the motor is not the quickest 125cc engine, nonetheless it provides an amazing performance.

  1. Kawasaki KLX110 – 112cc

This little bike is ideal for children who just began this sport. It is operated by a four-stroke air-cooled motor which runs at 7bhp. The small weight of the bike ensures good handling and an easy ride. It has a fast throttle and a lower centre of gravity, which is suitable for beginners. It has no clutch control, so the riders need to cut the throttle completely to manage a shift. Furthermore, the gear ratios are tightly stacked to improve rideability, thus being perfect for youngsters.

  1. Suzuki RM85 – 84cc

The Suzuki RM85 two-stroke dirt bike is an excellent choice for juniors. It first appeared in 2002, when it replaced the RM80. The 84cc engine offers an acceptable low-end output but it excels in great handling. This bike feels like a high-performance dirt bike, thus why it is easy to ride. The RM85 engine is connected to a manual six-speed gearbox, with an extended clutch handle.

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