TTR230 vs CRF230

Yamaha TTR230 vs. Honda CRF230. Both are nippy bikes with an impressive engine size. But there are a few differences between the bikes – let’s take a look below.

TTR230 vs CRF230

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Engine size and weight: TTR230 vs CRF230

Both bikes have a 223cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. Meaning they are ideal for beginner and intermediate riders.

The engine is powerful enough for the rider to get an exhilarating thrill, but not too rowdy to risk losing control.

Both bikes have air-cooled engines, giving a lighter weight to the bikes. The Honda CRF230 weighs 112 kg and the Yamaha TTR230 weighs 114 kg. So, in terms of heaviness, both the CRF230 and the TTF230 are similar and provide the user with an agile ride.

Seat height and style: TTR230 vs CRF230

Again, both the TTF230 and the CRF230 are similar in seat heights. The CRF230 is slightly taller at 878mm, whereas the TTF230 is 870mm.

Both bikes have an accessible sized seat, making it suitable for most adults and teenagers.

When it comes to saddle style, the TTF230 has a flat, competition-style saddle, making the bike a little more streamlined and increasing rider mobility.

If you’re looking to purchase a bike that is more apt for competing, the TTF230 may be a better option in terms of streamlined optimization.

Braking power: TTR230 vs CRF230

In terms of brakes, the CFR230 offers a 240mm single front brake and drum rear brake, whereas, the TTR230 features a 220mm front brake and a 130mm rear brake.

The CRF230’s larger braking power gives the rider more control and mobility adding to the exhilarating ride and boosting the rider against any competition.

Suspension: TTR230 vs CRF230

The TTF230 offers riders a plush 36mm front fork suspension, giving a smooth ride whatever the terrain. The model gives 240mm travel, further adding to the comfortable ride.

However, the CRF230 also provides a similar suspension at 37 mm axle suspension and a 241mm travel. The suspension is Showa-designed and offers the user a secure ride while keeping full control and stability.


The price is probably the biggest difference between these two models. Most of the bikes’ features are similar and do not have many differences. Apart from the price. This is where the biggest variation lies.

The Honda CFR230 is at the lower end of the scale at around $4,539. This includes delivery. A pretty decent price for the model, and for Showa, axle-suspension, this is a reasonable price tag.

The Yamaha TTF30 is certainly on the higher end of the scale at $6,299. It is definitely not over the top on price, as there are certainly other models on the market that are more expensive than this.

However, for a lower price, you can get an almost similar bike in CFR230 at nearly $2,000 cheaper.

Final verdict

When it comes to choosing a bike in the TTR230 vs. CRF230 battle, there is a clear winner in terms of price.

The Honda CRF230 is the winner in this battle, due to the affordable price tag and features. The TTR230 is still a great bike and offers accessible seat height and good braking power. But ultimately, the price difference is not justifiable in this case.

Can a CRF230 handle a real enduro tour. Below is a video with Matt Attack on his CRF230 – What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “TTR230 vs CRF230

  • October 29, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    This is a little bit incorrect, while the cfr230 is indeed a better bike, the cfr230 is no doubt more expensive.
    You could get a 2016 ttr230 for 2500 while paying that for a 2003 cfr230. Both bikes are great bikes, and I personally have a ttr230 as i’m only 13, but obviously would rather have a cfr230, but for the price of the ttr230’s, it makes it a great deal to buy instead of a cfr230. Now I know when you look it up on google, the cfr230 shows cheaper, but by experience of looking to buy bikes, aka market value, the cfr230 is more expensive. Now is it worth it to buy a cfr230? Answer depends on you skill lvl and how much you wanna spend.

  • January 7, 2021 at 4:26 am

    Will a crf 230 aftermarket pipe fit on a ttr 230 iam trying to buy one an I wanna no if the çrf230s will work


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