50CC Dirt Bike

50cc dirt bike

50CC Dirt Bike. There’s something special about engines and Dirt Bikes, which makes kids want to start riding as soon as they are able to grip the handlebars. The first generation of the 50CC Dirt Bike was introduced in 1983. The engine is a single-cylinder, air-cooled unit with an overhead camshaft and two valves per cylinder. A 50CC Dirt Bike can handle virtually any terrain. They can normally go up to around 30 miles per hour with a kid on board, which is fast enough for them to have fun, but not too powerful for them to handle.

50cc dirt bike

Best 50CC Dirt Bike For Kids

The best kids’ 50CC Dirt Bikes have been carefully selected based on their performance, durability, value, and overall quality. Here are our Top 3 50CC Dirt Bike For Kids:

  • KTM 50 SX – It may not be the cheapest option around, but it offers excellent handling characteristics and plenty of power. Plus, its lightweight design allows children to learn how to balance themselves while riding quickly.
  • Yamaha TTR-50 – With over 40 years of experience making high-end mountain bikes, Yamaha knows exactly what riders want from a dirt bike. Its powerful engine provides lots of torque, so your child won’t feel overwhelmed when learning fundamental skills.
  • Husqvarna TC 50 – If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra money, then this model is worth considering. It comes loaded with premium components and includes everything needed to get started right out of the box.

SpecificationsKTM 50 SXYamaha TTR-50Husqvarna TC-50
TransmissionSingle-speed automaticConstant-mesh 3-speed automaticSingle-speed automatic
Chassis41.5 kg59.8 kg41.5 kg
Price4,449.00 USD1,749.00 USD5,099.00 CAD

What Age Is A 50CC Dirt Bike For?

A 50CC Dirt Bike For Kids will be around 5 years old when they are ready to ride it without training wheels. They should have good balance and coordination before riding their bikes. Kids who are too young may not know how to control themselves while riding, so you need to make sure that they wear helmets and other protective gear. You want them to learn about safety from a very early age. If they fall or get hurt, they won’t enjoy being out there as much as if they were safe.

How Fast Can A 50CC Dirt Bike Go?

When your child starts learning how to ride a 50CC Dirt Bike, they can go up to 30 mph. At this speed, they must stay close to the ground because, at higher speeds, they could lose control. When they reach 25 mph, they can begin to practice cornering skills. By the time they hit 20mph, they should do basic tricks like wheelies and jumps. Once they master those basics, they can move onto more advanced maneuvers such as 360s and backflips.

How Much Is A 50CC Dirt Bike?

You can expect to pay between $200-$300 for a new 50CC Dirt Bike. Older models might cost less than newer ones. Many factors determine what price range you should look into, including brand name, features, accessories, and condition. Some brands offer discounts for buying multiple items together. Determine whether you would prefer a gas or electric motor.

Gas motors tend to run more relaxed, which makes them quieter and easier to handle. Electric motors don’t require oil changes and maintenance. However, they produce more heat which means they’re louder and harder to maneuver.

If you decide to buy a second-hand one, you’ll find prices vary depending on where you live. In some areas, you can pick up a cheap used 50CC Dirt Bike for under $100. Most dealerships will give you a free test drive to see if you want to purchase the item. Don’t forget to check the owner’s manual and warranty information.

Best 50CC Dirt Bike For Adults

best 50cc dirt bike for adults

There are several different types of adult-sized 50CC Dirt Bikes available today, which include:

  • Dual Purpose Bikes – Dual Purpose Bikes are designed specifically for off-road use. They usually come equipped with larger tires and suspension systems. They are great for beginners since they provide better traction and stability.
  • All-Terrain Vehicles: All-Terrain Vehicles are similar to dual-purpose bikes, except they are built for off-road and street driving. They typically feature more significant engines and suspensions. This is why they are commonly referred to as ATVs.
  • Quad Bikes – Quad Bikes are also known as four by two motorcycles. They are popular among adults looking for something fun to ride in an urban setting. The most common type has three wheels instead of four, but others exist.

If you are planning to race, we recommend you to look for a 125CC Dirt Bike or a 250CC Dirt Bike instead.

How To Strap 50CC Dirt Bike In Truck?

Once you have bought the best 50CC Dirt Bike you can find, you will need to transport it to events. If you have a truck then transporting your child’s mini motocross Dirt Bike will be pretty straight forward.

You might want to invest in a loading ramp to make it even easier. Then it’s simply a matter of putting the 50CC Dirt bike into the back of the truck and then strapping it down to the anchor points in the bed of the truck. If you’re carrying a 50CC Dirt Bike and full sized Dirt Bike at the same time, then you will find it easier to position them diagonally on the bed.

How To Change The Oil In A 50CC Dirt Bike?

Changing the oil on a mini Dirt Bike is just like with a car or full-sized motorbike. The only difference is that less oil is required. Start by running the engine and making sure it’s nice and warm. This will make the oil thinner and easier to drain. Then remove the oil sump plug and the filter, use a container to catch the old oil. If you need help identifying the oil plug, then check the owner’s manual.

Before refilling with fresh oil matching the oil specified in the user manual, ensure the oil plug is firmly in place. Even the very best 50 CC Dirt Bike will stop working without regular maintenance, so it’s important to replace the oil according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How Much Weight Can A 50CC Dirt Bike Hold?

how much weigh can a 50cc dirt bike hold

50CC Dirt Bikes are designed for kids and can go full speed with a 7-8 year old onboard. However, the maximum weight is typically around 140lbs, although this does depend on the model in question. If you are at all in doubt, check the manufacturer’s website for the specs and recommended weight limits.

How Much Does A 50CC Dirt Bike Weigh?

A 50CC Dirt Bike is small and compact, it’s also pretty light and easy to carry around. Most 50CC Bikes weigh between 90 and 110 lbs. The lighter the better really. Whichever 50 CC Dirt Bike you choose, make sure you also invest in good quality safety gear. A helmet, goggles, boots, knee and elbow pads are essential.


As mentioned earlier, many factors have to be be considered when choosing the perfect dirt bike for yourself or your kid. We hope we’ve helped narrow down your choices and made things a lot simpler. Remember, though, make sure you do enough research first, no matter what kind of dirt bike you choose! You wouldn’t regret purchasing a product because you didn’t know about certain safety precautions beforehand.

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