Best BMX bikes for 8 year old kids?

Best BMX bikes for 8 year old kids?

What’s the best BMX bikes for 8 year old kids? That’s a question many parents have asked themselves. Many parents think, that kids under 10 aren’t allowed to drive BMX. BMX bikes aren’t only for adults but for kids too. A BMX bike is good to do tricks with, ride around the park, sidewalk and neighbourhood.

You should choose a suitable BMX bike for your kids to use; you must consider all the parameters and factors on which bike to choose. There are wide ranges of bikes to choose from with different specs. There’s so much to look for in getting the perfect bike and hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to find the perfect bike, for your kids.

What to look for in a BMX for an 8-year-old?

There are multiple factors when buying the perfect BMX and the following points are great to look after when buying a bike.

Tires – It’s important to choose the right tires. The tires must be of good quality. For an 8-year old a wheel should be around 20 – 22 inches.

Size – The size of the bike matters too. It’s important to choose the perfect size. Many parents like to buy bikes that are too big, but kids can have problems like ankle injuries and back injuries. Often a wheelbase around 18 – 20 inches is the perfect size for an 8-year-old (a wheelbase is a difference between the 2 tires on a bike)

Saddle – The saddle on a BMX bike needs to be comfortable to sit on. It needs to be soft and spacious. It’s also a good thing if the saddle could be as adjustable, so it could be easy for your kid to ride.

Bike Dimension – Weight is something to consider when buying a BMX. You want a bike, that is as comfortable as possible. Also, a flexible seat height and tire width are important for maximum comfort.

Best bmx bikes for 8 year old kids

It’s up to your kids

Other factors matter too when choosing a BMX bike. Factor’s like your child’s height and if your child wants to drive in your local park, on a halfpipe or without or just on the street/flatland. This would determine the strength of the frame needed which would lessen the choice somewhat, but there’s still lots.

I would suggest that you should go to a bike shop and let your child try to determine the size of the frame as to how it feels is the best way, in my opinion, to determine what’s suitable. Somewhat like buying clothes.

Our recommendation

Here are some of our recommendation, that we think are the best BMX bikes for 8 year old kids.

Mongoose Freestyle BMX bike

The mongoose freestyle bike is a great bike to do insane tricks on the park, street and even on the dirt. This bike suits all kids between 5 foot to 5’6 kids and.

This bike is very strong and very durable. It has 20-inch tires and the wheelset has aluminium.

I will only recommend this bike for beginners if your more advanced then look at the other bikes in this article.

Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper BMX

I will recommend this bike for anyone interested in a BMX bike. This bike is perfect if your child is ready to do jump and cool tricks. You cant find a bike that’s better to do freestyles with that the Diamondback Bicycles JR Viper BMX.

The bike has smooth pedals and perfect performing brakes. It has chainguards to protect the skin if you fall. It is super stable and easy to assemble.

This bike has a 20 and 16-inch wheel. The frame material is made of steel and the brake style is linear-pull and coaster. You can get this bike in multiple colours.

This bike is the Best BMX bikes for 8 year old kids


This BMX-bike is perfect for beginners. It comes with trainer wheels if your child needs to learn how to drive a bike first. The steel frame is very sturdy and strong and the bike comes with a lot of bicycle accessories like a water bottle holder and a bell.

This bike come in many exciting colour option. The seat and handlebar are adjustable, which allows children of all height to ride the bike with ease.

The only con this BMX-bike have is that the bike is a little too heavy.

Best bmx bikes for 8 year old kids

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