Right after the challenging opening round the previous week in Crimmitschau, the contestants of the Hard Enduro Series Germany had a little time to recuperate and be back to shape. Kevin Gallas had the victory at round two from Robert Scharl and Leon Hentschel despite having a heavy crash a week ago. The event started with an introduction having a short lap to arrange the launch order for the group races. Having the fastest time was Kenny Lötzsch who took the lead and was also fresh from recovery since his injury the previous week.



However, Leon Hentschel almost immediately set his mind in regards to whipping Lötzsch’s time and also speculates if his time may perhaps be trampled. The performance of Kevin Gallas the previous week within Crimmitschau was merely third at the back of Robert Scharl. By means of an up-to-the-minute set-up this weekend, the contenders were separated into 60 minutes group races with the intent to complete within the top 10 toward the final. Following a broken brake, Gallas made it thrilling yet again as the mishap cost him time through 45 minutes off the clock. Only in the final lap he was able to win through in opposition to Tobias Wittek and eventually winning the race.

The special conclusion was more than 45 minutes or 10 laps. Additionally, a mud hole added extra challenge to passages. A number of riders felt that the trail was all the more challenging compared to the previous week within Crimmitschau. Gallas positioned his speed accurately at the start and right away had the pilot to lead. In contrast, Leon Hentschel lost extra time in a mud hole and plummeted outside the top five spot. His race to get closer to the 45 minute conclusion ended in third place at the back of Gallas and Robert Scharl. In fourth place was Kenny Lötzsch who declares his first points following his injury.

The German Hard Enduro Series is currently on a break and will be returning scheduled on July 7 for the WeselX Enduro.

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