Gas Gas Achieves Its First Enduro Win With Their 250 2-Stroke


Last November Gas Gas unveiled their new line up of two strokes at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. 

Whilst, they have been unveiled for the public eye, it wasn’t seen competing for everyone to see how the bike can do its business on a track. Atleast, not until last week’s event.

Scoring a fifth place on day one, Barragan then smashed it on day two to secure a 20-second margin of victory.

“We are ecstatic about this first Scratch victory with the new bike,” told Barragan. “On the first day we knew we had a good enough pace to stay ahead, because our times in the second and third times round were very good. We cannot really ask for more. It’s been an amazing debut! 

Barragan admitted stress was taking its toll on the biker who had just as short as 3 months for preparation for the event. 

“The time before the start of the season was difficult for us because we knew we were arriving a little late with the new enduro and we were running out of time, we were late but we did the job well, as we intended. 

“This is a shared victory with them and with the entire factory because behind this new Gas Gas EC 250 Racing there is the effort and work of many people and of a whole factory which we are proud of.”

Achieving this win certainly makes the Gas Gas team sure that they are on the right track.


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