The long awaited EnduroGP Final


It will all come to an end.  The 2017 EnduroGP 2017 had come into its final stop with the Acerbis Grand Prix of Germany, in Zschopau, Germany. It has truly been a tough seven months for all competing riders. Tons of efforts were laid down just to reach this final leg of the season. At the end of this round, four new champions will be hailed as the FIM Youth 125cc title had already been decided.

The MSC Rund um Zschopau first organized a World Championship back in 2004. They expressed their gratitude in an interview on having them organized the said event after many years. “We’ve been working to bring this excellent event back to the championship for several years,” told ABC Communications’ Alain Blanchard. “In 2004 MSC Rund um Zschopau provided a great final round to the series, and this moto club has a great experience. Each year, they organize the “Rund um Zschopau” which is always a great success. We are very proud to have an event of this calibre as a part of the EnduroGP World Championship. In addition to their traditional Rund um Zschopau event, the club also participated in the organisation of the mythical ISDE in 2012. This year’s MSC Rund um Zschopau will also be part of the final of the German Championship. It will be a great event.”

As a comeback into organizing the world championship, the MSC team had promised a journey “to the old”. They will have a challenging traditional enduro event. They had an amazing array of spectacular events that will have the riders on the pressure and the spectators on the field excitement. To start off the tour on Saturday and Sunday, the competitors will take the start from the Wildeck Castle located at the center of Zschopau, irst reaching a typically German KTM Enduro Test located in Börnichen. This set-up of special test has been used during the previous 2012 ISDE. after a while, the competitors will have to pass through a 100% natural Technomousse Xtreme Test in Steinbruch before a first Time Check with service. Finally, the tour ends in Venusberg, with a Maxxis Cross Test, which will alternate between meadow and more “Enduro” passages through the woods.

The Akrapovic Super Test will start from 17.00 with the German Championship and then at 19.00 with the EnduroGP regulars. This will be held on Friday evening. This inaugural party will be held as every year in the industrial building of the “Klädtke Metallverarbeitung GmbH”. It was also stated that the ABC Communication will stream a live Facebook of the Akrapovic Super Test.

There were many speculations about the upcoming final results of the championship round. Here are some of them:

Holcombe, the first champion of 2017?

Being the one dominating the Enduro Sprint at Hawkstone Park, Steve Holcombe should’ve been an easy win. But due to the problem with his rear wheel resulting for a third place during the cross-country race, it seems that he will have to climb up again to be hailed as the overall champion. Despite of this, he arrived at Zschopau with a lead of 40 points over the Frenchman Loïc Lerrieu. The French wwon’t let this gap be in the middle of the way as we can assure that he will be eager to come out on the top of the podium.

Nathan Watson of KTM is also pumped up at the end of the season with his rival at the podium the official Sherco rider Matthew Phillips (AUS). It also seems that Christophe Charlier is on the roll as he won the ISDE and the MXoN in the same year. He is the first rider in the history to ever win both of the championship title in a year. Will he aim for his first enduro victory on the International stage? Better stay tuned.

The Spaniards Jaume Betriu (KTM) and Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) will definitely be on a tight fight for the honorary title of “Privateer of the Year”. While Italians Alex SALVINI (Beta), Giacomo REDONDI (Honda) and Deny PHILIPPAERTS (Beta) were eager to cross the finish line before they will have an off season. Gas Gas factory rider Antoine Basset will return on the track after a serious injury on his knee at the start of the season. Proving that the Germans are a force to be reckoned with, the KTM rider Marco Neubert will also join the fray.



Jamie Mccanney strives for the Enduro 2 championships lead or at least be at a minimal distance of his Spanish rival Josep Garcia. But it seems that Mccanney will have to push harder as Garcia won the EnduroGP’s first ever sprint enduro before finishing third in the cross-country race at Hawkstone Park, he had a 13-point lead into the final event of the season. But Mccanney is very eager to give Yamaha their first World title since Johnny Aubert in 2008. We just have to wait and see for the final results. Eero Remes, Pascal Rauchenecker, Danny Mccanney and David Guarneri will surely stir things up on the battle of the Enduro2 two favourites.

Junior: up to the last special test…

Brad Freeman had been very competitive to the current leader Davide Soreca in the under-23-year-old-category. With only just 4 points between the two riders, the competition will surely rise like uncontrolled flames. A battle for the top of the podium surely is an intense one. Other possible page turner of the category will be Albin Elowson, Matteo Cavallo and the returning Mikael Persson.

Andrea Verona, Leo Lequere and Ruy Barbosa, the three GP winners are the ones to look out for in the FIM Youth 125cc class.


Can FRANKE dethrone SANZ?

In the Women class, it will be a decisive battle between Maria Franke and Laïa Sanz. Maria has already proved at the GP of Hungary that she is capable of beating Sanz. But will this scenario be witnessed again at Zschopau? We just have to wait and find out.

After more than seven months of close competition everything remains to be decided in the EnduroGP, Enduro 2, Junior and Women classes…

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