How Tos: how to ride muddy terrain

One of the most difficult terrains you will get to tackle. Since traction is very, very hard to get on sticky mud. However, these are some tips you can use to avoid getting a mud bath!

Useful tips on preparing your bike:

Grease (or lube) is your bike’s best friend. Put it on everything! OK, not everything like the seat and grips but most everything. Your fenders, sprockets, chain, chain guide and even the clutch and brake cables. This prevents the mud from sticking which over time cakes up and bogs the bike down.

Well, what should I use? WD-40 works in a pinch. Maxima SC-1 or similar type of silicone lube works better. But Bel-Ray grease works best.

Just don’t be misled. The lube works for a while but the thicker the mud and the longer you ride eventually the mud wins especially when it comes to your fenders. You’ll add tons of weight which not only slows you down but helps burn out your engine.

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