Spanish Championship Is Set To Head To Lleida

Spanish Championship is gearing itself to its race opener to Oliana in Lleida.

In total 210 competitors will be present as this year’s bid for championship honours gets underway.

In Enduro 1 competition for title honours is tough with names like Victor Guerrero, Lorenzo Santolino, Josep Garcia, Enric Francisco, Benet Gómez and Jordi Quer. 

Unfortunately Garcia will be unable to compete as he’s still recovering from a recent traffic accident.

Enduro 2 will be the most hotly contested with names like Jonathan Barragan, Iván Cervantes, Cris Guerrero, Oriol Mena, Armand Monleón and Marc Solá. 

Jaume Betriu, overall champion in 2016, makes his start in Enduro 3 along with Gerard Salavedra.

In Lleida Laia Sanz will compete in Enduro 2 while Mireia Badia, Laia Manté, Humi Palau, Rosa Romero and Alba Vilaplana in Women.

Both Saturday and Sunday the race will start at 9:00 a.m. On Saturday the podium will be held at 17:00 and on Sunday at 16:00.

The Moto Club Segre will be in charge of organising the event.

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